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Victory!! May 27, 2009

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Finally, on May 26th 2009. After 2 years, i finally finished my 200 hours of flying. It was tough with, lots of barriers which eventually i overcame. But i learned a lot though.

I learned that nothing in life is easy

I learned that you have to make sacrifices

I learned the value of time and money

But the most important thing i learned,

I learned how to fly..


I hate my phone May 7, 2009

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I hate my phone

It has a mind of its own

It switches on and off whenever it wants to. It deletes all my songs. It deleted all my photos. It wont send sms’s. It wont answer calls. Battery only lasts a few hours even a full charge.It wont slide shut. Screws keep dropping out of it.

I hate you Mr. W910i.

Burn In hell.

I need a new lens.. May 2, 2009

Posted by raphael D60 in Photography.
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16-85mmCurrently im using the lens that came with my D60, 18-55mm VR. Its ok but its just too basic. I need something that really suites the kind of photographs i take, portraits and street photography. This lens shown here, 16-85mm Nikkor, is just the right lens. Now where can i get RM2500..

I can’t fly due to peanuts. April 25, 2009

Posted by raphael D60 in Photography.

A few days a ago i was at the hospital doing a test for my peanut allergy. Yes, i know, i am allergic to peanuts. Sad isn’t it? Anyways the reason i did this test was because MAS or better known as Malaysia Airlines (the company that hired me), wanted to know the severity of my allergy(Dr. Daljit particularly). Truth is, its not that serious. I just get rashes if i do eat peanuts. So as usual, i brought a long my camera. So here are some snapshots of  the hustle and bustle that goes on at the hospital.dsc_0011 Hospital staff enjoying a good laugh

Dermatology couple


dsc_00081 3 ladies waiting for an appointment

dsc_0016It sounds kinda like, people who go there get strokes everyday.csc_0004

And about the test results? I am fit to fly with MAS 🙂

I never thought that i would have a blog. April 25, 2009

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Well guys,  its official. I finally have a blog. There’s gonna be lotsa stories about flying, photography and other random stuff. I promise you, it wont dissapoint.  Here’s a random  photo of me to mark the begining of this blog.Me and a fellow Syirian :P